Tuesday, October 19, 2010

#day 17 English, English, English

Hey, there...
How are you? I wish you guys have a great life and healthy
So, just like the tittle, we're talking about English right now. I mean, about the language. 

Nah, when I was in junior high school, I got a bad score in English lesson because I always ran away when the class started with Emma (my bestfriend). Yea, no kidding. We ran away. We usually hide in the toilets and sat in the floor, played the radio in our cellphone and talked until the class over. Haha good times, because I really hated English. That's why I got a really bad score for English in the National Exam. What the hell, I regret it now ><

Then, I entered Muhammadiyah 4 high school and got to know Adillah in the 10th class. Then, she becomes my bestfriend until now :)
She asked me to went to her house and watched a lot of dvds. All those movies are in English language and I was like "Oh man, I hate have to read the Indonesia subtitles in the bottom screen."
The first movie that we watched was Bring It On! All or Nothing. The movie was cool and fun, and I really loved it. Then, I borrowed it from Adillah so I could watch it at home. And, yea.... typical me, if I love the movie, I'll watch it over and over and over and over again.... how lame!

Haha, anyway, because I watched the movie and repeat it for like 'million times', it makes me remember all the words and the dialogues. Yea, and then I think "Wow, English is interesting." and that's why I started to learn more about English. I really love English right now. My favorite lesson. I always excited to know more and more about English even from the simplest thing like Tenses. Gosh, I was so bad in tenses. Really =.=

Haha, well, tenses is not as hard as I thought. It's quite easy (no, I don't mean to be arrogant or something). Yea, I've been learning English for three years. I never take any English course or something. I learned it from the movie or the songs. And I have a lot of friends who are better in English than me, so they teach me sometimes.

I also learn by talking with foreign people so I can get used myself in speaking English. Fortunately, I enter UIN University and find a very.... very good English lecturer. Really, she is the best English teacher I've ever had. She teaches me about Tenses from the very very lowest things. She even knows the reason behind every words. She makes me more excited about the lesson. I'm not saying I'm EXTREMELY good in English right now. But I understand it. And I really want to learn more and more untill I become just like my teacher (well, it might will be just a dream) =.=

I'm still so bad in grammar and did a lot of mistakes when I make a short sentence, but I'll try to be better at it. I'm sure I can, because I'm having fun when I learn English and I love it. I also have to add more vocabs in my brain. There are so many vocabs that I haven't know so sometimes if I read an English paragraph, I need to open my dictionary. Oh, well, wish me luck.

PS: Sorry if I mess up with my grammar. Gonna fix it real soon and learn more. Please, do correct me so I can learn ;)

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