Friday, August 13, 2010

We Are Young... So What?

Most of young people nowadays always say, "We are young, we are teenagers. We don't do the right things. We will do the right things when we get older. Now, all we wanna do is have fun. It's our freedom. It's our world..."

My question is.... Are you sure you will still be alive tomorrow? Wait, tomorrow is too long. Are you sure you will still be alive TONIGHT? Nggak ada yg tau umur manusia. Kapan kita mati. Kapan Allah memutuskan untuk mengirimkan Izroil untuk menjemput kita. Hanya karena kita merasa masih muda, bukan berarti kita merasa santai aja melakukan kesalahan terus-menerus. Yeah, doing mistakes is part of our lives... but what we're talking about in here is people who's making mistakes over and over and over again and never try to get it right.

For example, they never pray, then they said : "We are still young. We will start to pray 5 times when we get married." What the heck is that?

Intinya, banyak orang *terutama kaum Muda* yg menunda-nunda melakukan kebaikan karena merasa, mereka masih punya waktu yang panjang untuk hidup. Padahal nggak seorang pun dari kita yg tau kapan kematian akan menjemput. It's okay to enjoy your life in your own way, but keep it in the good way. Wouldn't it feel much better to be able to do great things and beneficial for others while we're young and have our full energy?

Have a nice day!

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