Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Really Am Extremely Missing My 'Zonk' Family

I just wanna explode my feeling.


It's been almost a week I haven't meet them yet :-( I miss every single zonk thing that we've ever did
And I've been spending the night remembering the good old times with them (what a waste of time, yea I know =.=)

- I miss Tari's cleverness 
And she uses her clever brain to do absurd things which always makes me laugh, like... doing banana dance, and the way she said 'I'm cooler than you.'

- I miss Maulida's cheek and her funny laugh 
I want to pinch her cheek as much as I want in a day. I miss the way she's always laugh at something that... actually not funny XD

- I miss Mia's beauty class
I miss the way she explains to us how to keep our face healthy. The way she rolled her eyes when we did weird things

- I miss Tyas's curhat
She always tells me about her problems, from the simplest thing until the hardest ones. We are really do have a lot of things in common

- I Miss Bunda Dewi's motherhood
I miss the way she told me some weird jokes and the way she treat us like we're really her children :')

- I miss Mami Fitri's flat face
I miss her cool attitude and the way she called me 'Chacha Maricha hey hey' and how naturally good her voice sounds when she sings

- I miss Gadis's voice\
I miss her wise words and her voice. And how she always comes up with brilliant idea when it's needed

- I miss Helda's late laugh 
She always late to laugh at the jokes that we made and that's utterly funny 

- I miss Nindy's shyness
I miss her awkwardness and how she tried to say what's on her mind to us

I miss Aroma, I miss mabit, I miss my zonkest senior : Kak Hendry, Kak Usman, Kak Jaka, Kak Khodija, Kak Farce, Kak Fatimah, Kak Risa... and other zonk teachers which I can't mention one by one.

I miss Mabit!!!

Okay.. enough. I guess you get the point. I'm desperately missing every single one of you guys 

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